Import KeePass V2 File

Import KeePass V2 File

Advanced > Import Data >

Importing a KeePass V2 File (.kdbx File)

The following example assumes that you've already created a new document or opened an existing one:

  1. In the Navigation panel, select a document or folder.
  2. On the DATA tab, in the Import group, click on More -> KeePass V2.x File (.kdbx).
  3. Pick a .kdbx file to import.
  4. Click on Open to start the import.


If the KeePass file is protected by password or key file, a dialog to unlock the file is shown.

KeePass V2 needs to be installed. If Royal TS cannot find the executable, it will ask for its location.


Royal TS alternatively allows you to use the Open command to open a KeePass file. You can either use the Save as command to convert the KeePass file to a Royal TS document or you can use the credentials from the KeePass file in your connections.


Configure the KeePass Executable Path

When you import a KeePass file or open a KeePass file for the first time, Royal TS will ask for the KeePass executable file location and will remember it for future imports. Follow these steps to change the path to the KeePass executable:

  1. On the VIEW tab, in the Configuration group, click on Plugins.
  2. Select Import in the tree.
  3. In the Registered Plugins list, select KeePass V2.x File (.kdbx).
  4. Click on Settings in the toolbar to open the Plugin Settings dialog.
  5. Enter the new path to the executable in the KeePass Executable Path text box.
  6. Click OK to save the new settings and close the dialog.