Introducing Royal Server

Introducing Royal Server

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RoyalServer_ApplicationIcon_256x256Management Connections

Royal Server enables Royal TS users to execute common management tasks across platforms - completely without connecting to a remote desktop based console (RDP, VNC, etc.). With Royal Server you can easily view Windows Events, manage Services, Processes, Terminal Sessions and Hyper-V instances in Royal TS - even on macOS. Royal Server adds an additional security layer to protect your environment using a secure SSL encrypted communication channel and is installed within minutes!


Secure Gateway

Royal Server (V1.1 and later) can also act as a secure gateway for Remote Desktop (RDP), Terminal (SSH, Telnet) and VNC connections. A Secure Gateway is a component included in Royal Server which can be used to access computers through an encrypted SSH tunnel (aka port forwarding). Those computers are not directly reachable, only through the gateway server.


Visit our online Royal Server Knowledge Base for more information about the Management Connections and Secure Gateway functionality.


Document Store

Load and save Royal TS/X documents directly from/to your Royal Server instances. No more files that are copied around and possibly out of date.


Benefits of Royal Server

A detailed description of features which require Royal Server can be found here.


More Information

Also visit for more information about the product, licensing and pricing.