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The Document page allows you to setup basic document settings.


Document Properties

Display Name (required)

Enter a display name for object.



Click the color picker button in the display name text box to select a color. In the User Interface settings you can configure to show the color in the navigation tree, the connection tab or as connection border.



Click the icon picker button next in the display name text box to select and assign a custom icon to the object.


Enter a description for the object.


Save Document after using the Properties dialog
If checked, Royal TS will automatically save the document after the properties dialog has been used and the document has changed.


Saving the document is a "UI-blocking" operation. If you are working with large documents, consider not enabling this feature as it may slow down your workflow.


The document will only be saved automatically when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The option "Save Document after using the Properties dialog" is enabled.
  • The Properties dialog has been used (this includes canceling the dialog).
  • The document was saved at least once.
  • The document in memory has been modified.
  • The document on disk has been modified (by another instance of Royal TS, for example).


The document will not be saved immediately when:

  • Folders were expanded/collapsed.
  • The Favorite property has been changed from the context menu.
  • An item has been renamed in the Navigation tree.
  • Any other change to the document which did not involve the Properties dialog.


Save Document on Close
If checked, Royal TS will automatically save all changes to the document when the document or Royal TS is closed.


Document Type


To ensure proper file merging, it's recommended to set an appropriate retention in the Deleted Objects page. A retention of 30 days, for example, requires each user to save and merge at least once every 30 days. Otherwise, deleted objects may reappear.


See also: About shared documents