External Application

External Application

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The External Application connection can be used to integrate external applications (executables) into Royal TS.



The External Application Dashboard is shown in the Dashboard panel when you select an External Application connection in the Navigation panel. It can be configured to show windows of currently running processes. Use the Connect (Ad Hoc) button in the toolbar to create a new ad hoc external application connection based on the selection. You can move the resulting connection to your document by using drag & drop.




Enumerates and shows a list of all windows available from the currently running processes.


Dashboard Settings

To configure the application default settings for the included dashboard, open the Plugins Management and click on Dashboard for the External Application plugin.

To configure individual dashboard settings for a connection, use the Dashboard property page.


Plugin Settings

The External Application plugin does not offer any plugin settings at this time.


Connection Properties

The External Application Properties dialog is shown: