External Application

External Application

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The External Application property page allows you to configure basic connection settings.


External Application Settings

Display Name (required)

Enter a display name for object.



Click the color picker button in the display name text box to select a color. In the User Interface settings you can configure to show the color in the navigation tree, the connection tab or as connection border.



Click the icon picker button next in the display name text box to select and assign a custom icon to the object.


Enter a description for the object.



Specify the executable (.exe file) or click on the browse button '...' to browse for an executable on your computer or your network.



Specify any command line arguments if necessary.


Working Directory

Specify the working directory.



To securely inject a username or password from an assigned credential, use the replacement tokens menu of the fly-out button at the right.


Window Picker

The window picker can be used to populate the required fields to start the application based on a running application.