Window Mode

Window Mode

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The Window Mode page allows you to control where the connection should open. Most connection types support Main Window (Embedded) mode and External Window mode. Remote Desktop connections, for example, additionally support External Window (Full Screen) mode.


Window Mode Configuration

Open connection in


Use Multiple Monitors

If checked, the connection will use all monitors if connected in Full Screen mode or if the connection is changed to use Full Screen mode while connected.


This option is only available for connections supporting full screen and multiple monitors (like Remote Desktop).


Dont show the connection bar

If checked, the connection bar will not be shown in full screen mode.


This option is only available for Remote Desktop connections. To display the connection bar, use the Ctrl + Alt + Home keyboard shortcut.


External Window Settings

The following settings can be configured when the window mode configuration is set to external window.



Setting the Screen configuration to a screen which is currently not available on your computer will be ignored as long as the screen is not available. A common scenario for this is, working with the same file on a laptop computer with only one screen and a workstation with multiple screens connected. Setting connections to open on the Screen 3 will open on the main display on your laptop while the same connection will open on your workstation on Screen 3.






Minimize Main Window

When checked, Royal TS will minimize the main window after the connection was established.


Open Display Properties

Opens the display properties control panel. With the control panel you can identify your screens.