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The General page allows you to set general application settings.


Start and Exit

Don't create the Dashboard Tab

If checked, Royal TS will not create the Dashboard tab automatically when Royal TS starts. The Dashboard tab can be created manually using the Dashboard button on the VIEW tab.


The Application Start drop-down list offers the following settings:



Show Warning for Active Connections

If checked, Royal TS will show a warning when you close the application and connections are still active.



Create .backup file

If checked Royal TS will keep a .backup file in the same folder where the document is stored.


Backup Automatically

If checked and configured, Royal TS will keep a configured number of backup documents on your computer. By default the backup is kept in %temp% (*.rtsbu files).


Backup Path

The folder you want Royal TS to keep your document backups.



The number of files Royal TS should keep for your backups.



Check for Updates
If checked, Royal TS will check for newer versions online. The Check Now... button can be clicked to immediately check for new versions.


Include Beta Releases

If checked, Royal TS will also report if a new beta release is available.


If you are running a beta version, Royal TS will always check for new beta releases.


Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc History

Specify how many items to remember in the ad hoc connection history.



Clears the ad hoc connection history.


Remove Ad Hoc Connections after Disconnect

If checked, Royal TS will automatically remove Ad Hoc connections as soon as they disconnect. If you disable this option, you have to manually delete Ad Hoc connections. All Ad Hoc connections are removed when the application is closed.


Ad Hoc connection identifier

If checked, an Ad Hoc connection name suffix is appended.



Minimize to Notificateion Area (Systray)

When checked, minimized windows will not be displayed in the windows taskbar. Royal TS displays an icon in the notification area (systray) for you to access minimized windows.


Use Deep Keyboard Hooks (requires restart)

If checked, Royal TS can handle some keyboard shortcuts even when you are working in an active session which is claiming all keyboard input (like a Remote Desktop connection). A complete list of available keyboard shortcuts can be found here.


Include External Apps

If checked, Royal TS will also listen to the keyboard events if it isn't the focused window. Connections like PuTTY based Terminal or external app can be switched through as well.



Enabling this setting could cause unexpected behavior, especially when you use other applications providing deep keyboard hooks. If you experience interference with other applications, turn off this option and restart Royal TS.


Reset Warnings and Messages

Clicking this button will reset and show all the messages again where you checked "Do not show this message again".


Open File Location

Royal TS saves all application settings and the contents of the Application document in a configuration file %APPDATA%\code4ward\code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config. Click this button to open the file location of the configuration file.


The default path %APPDATA%\code4ward can be changed in the RTS2App.exe.config file (which is located in the Royal TS installation folder). This can be useful if you want to make Royal TS portable and start it from a USB memory stick.