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The Hyper-V page allows you to setup your connection as a Hyper-V host to display the Hyper-V management in the Dashboard and optionally allows you to configure a target instance you want to connect to by default.



Hyper-V Mode

Specifies whether or not the remote host is a Hyper-V mode host.


Use the Connect (Ad Hoc) button in the Hyper-V dashboard pane toolbar to connect directly to the console of a selected instance. There's no need to have any Hyper-V tools or vmconnect.exe as Royal TS seamlessly integrates Hyper-V remote control.



The Hyper-V proxy port. By default, Hyper-V hosts listen to port 2179.



Enter an instance ID (GUID) or click on the browse button (...) on the right to show the Hyper-V instance picker.



Instance browsing relies on WMI. Ensure that all the necessary firewall ports for WMI are open and that the user account running Royal TS (beware of UAC) or the credentials set in the Remote Desktop connection have local administrative rights on the remote Hyper-V host computer.


Enhanced Session Mode

Local resources, like audio, printers, clipboard, drives, USB devices, etc. can be redirected. Enhanced session mode requires a supported guest operating system, and may require additional configuration inside the virtual machine. See also: Enhanced Session Mode