Display Options

Display Options

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The Display Options page allows you to configure font settings as well as tab appearance settings based on the connection status.




Select the font used for the terminal control.


Font Size

Select the font size used for the terminal control.


Disable Bold and Italic Styles

If checked, bold and italic styles are rendered as regular style.


Font is Bold

If checked, the terminal will print all characters bold.


Blinking Text

The Rebex based terminal connection does not support blinking text display. Specify how blinking text sequences should be displayed in the terminal control.



SGR Mode

SGR Mode is how the terminal control appearance of the "Select Graphics Rendition" sequence (\e[1m).


Auto-Adjust Terminal Size

Enables or displays automatic terminal size adjustment based on the font size.


Show Pre-Authentication Banner

If checked, Royal TS will show a pre-authentication banner.


Show Window Title

If checked, Window Title ANSI sequences are processed and shown in the tab caption or window title.


Scrollback Reset on Display Activity

If checked, scrollback is reset on display activity (when data is received).


Data Received Indicator

If checked, Royal TS will show a * character at the end of the tab caption to indicate that data was received.


Indicator for Inactivity

If checked, Royal TS will render the tab caption italic after n seconds of inactivity.