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The Advanced page allows you to configure advanced VNC settings.


Advanced Settings


Specify which encoding should be used for the VNC connection.


Scale by

Scales the remote display (in percent).



If checked, a custom compression value can be set.


Custom Compression is not available for all encodings.


JPEG Quality

If checked, the JPEG quality level can be set.


CopyRect Encoding

The CopyRect encoding is efficient when something is being moved. CopyRect could also be used to efficiently transmit a repeated pattern.


Limit to 256 Colors

Check this option to force 256 color display. This should be used for slow connections with limited bandwidth.


Disable Clipboard Redirection

If checked, clipboard content is not transferred.


Shared Session

Share the server with other viewers, i.e. allow several viewers to connect simultaneously to the server.


Deiconify on Remote Bell

The VNC viewer window is restored if minimized when a remote bell event is raised.


Deiconify on remote bell only works for VNC viewers in external window mode.


Hide Toolbar

No toolbar is shown in the VNC viewer area.