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The Advanced page allows you to configure advanced Web Page settings.



Show Toolbar

If enabled, a browser toolbar with basic commands and access to the URL is shown.


Open Links in Default Browser

If enabled, each clicked link will be opened in your default browser and not in the connection tab or window.


Open Popups in Default Browser

If enabled, popup windows will be opened in the default browser and not in a window hosted by Royal TS.


Auto Refresh

If enabled, the web page will be refreshed automatically. The minimum value is 5 seconds.


Custom Browser Size

If enabled, you can specify a custom width or height for the web browser. This can be useful to test a web page at different screen resolutions.



Use Basic Authentication

If enabled, Royal TS will include the authentication header for basic authentication when requesting a web site. This setting will be ignored when no credential is set.


Ignore Certificate Errors

If checked, the certificate errors are suppressed.